Wipro Industry Innovation Experience for Energy & Utilities

Meet today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology

Built on the Microsoft Cloud, these five integrated solutions help you tackle today’s unprecedented energy and utilities challenges, optimize operations, and meet your sustainability goals.

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A time of transformation is a time of opportunity

Today, as the global energy and utilities sector undergoes transformational shifts, the risks associated with business as usual vs. bold innovation have flipped. And so should the playbook.

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Sustainable solutions

Now more than ever, energy and utilities organizations need to understand their environmental and social impact.

Wipro delivers the leading innovative technology and domain expertise companies need to transform—and become sustainability leaders in their industry.

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Energy Data Centricity

Future-proof your business by unifying energy data in the cloud

Energy businesses have traditionally been constrained by application data silos and ever-growing data volumes, stifling agility. Wipro Energy Data Centricity services and capabilities, built on the Microsoft Cloud, unlocks the value in your data. It lays the groundwork for your future by accelerating the adoption of the Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy, supported by OSDUTM Data Platform standards.

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Wastewater Impact Management

Protect public health and prevent community disruptions with AI-powered flood prevention

Sewage-management companies need a cost-effective way to stay a step ahead of flooding issues, protect public health, and remain compliant with health and safety regulatory requirements. Wipro Wastewater Impact Management, built on the Microsoft Cloud, is an AI-driven, end-to-end sewage-monitoring system that can predict blockages and flooding, to prevent disruptions to the communities you serve. Simple to install and maintain, this innovative solution features industry-approved systems with continuous sewer-monitoring IoT sensors to better identify high-risk areas.

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Wipro Cognitive Energy Intelligence (CEI)

Unify “behind-the-meter” data to empower providers and customers

With an eye on energy efficiency and sustainability, consumers are increasingly investing in products like solar batteries, smart thermostats, and electric cars. But because these systems aren’t connected, it’s difficult to track total demand or monetize excess energy. Wipro Cognitive Energy Intelligence (CEI), built on the Microsoft Cloud, is an advanced platform that revolutionizes energy management by seamlessly integrating “behind-the-meter” assets. This AI-powered solution gives customers valuable insights into their energy consumption. The platform provides utility companies with a comprehensive tool (and source of revenue) that empowers customers to optimize energy consumption and maximize savings.

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Utilities CX

Supercharge the customer experience with unified customer data

When customer-service teams don’t have a consolidated customer view, it leads to longer resolution times that impact both the customer and employee experience. Wipro Utilities CX, built on the Microsoft Cloud, is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that unifies customer data from different sources to provide a 360-degree view of the customer. Utilities CX gives customer service agents the tools and information they need to deliver better service. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, tightly integrated with the utilities data model, and equipped with guided process flows, this solution enables a seamless transition from a potential customer to a valued customer.

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Edgile + Wipro: CyberSecurity by CyberSecurists

Modernize with holistic cybersecurity defense and risk management

Energy and Utilities leaders are navigating the biggest industry shifts since the power grid. As big data and AI bring new insights, existing security programs need to be updated to secure access to disparate systems and ensure data integrity. This is especially important when faced with increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats that can exploit the AI transformation. Edgile, a Wipro company, offers end-to-end enterprise security services designed to secure the environment and help you optimize security costs and operations. Initial engagements are completed in as little as eight weeks and will establish the framework and roadmap for secure modernization.

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Let’s innovate together

These solutions are just the beginning of how Wipro is innovating on the Microsoft Cloud to transform financial services. With the tools and knowledge to inspire what’s next, we can partner with you to customize new solutions and empower your organization to thrive.