Wipro Industry Innovation

Experience for Financial Services 

Supercharge your digital transformation—simply, securely, and sustainably

Built on the Microsoft Cloud, these customized solutions help financial organizations transform sustainably and digitally at scale, all while improving efficiency and security.

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Future-forward financial services

Our best-in-breed solutions were built not to compete with or disrupt, but to make the most of the investments you’ve already made in digital technologies.

From cloud operations to core banking, risk management, and a streamlined loan-origination system, Wipro has focused on innovations that can make a measurable difference to your bottom line.

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The tools you need, now

Driven by capabilities like AI and automation, the Industry Innovation Experience for Financial Services empowers you to maintain pace with rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, more efficiently manage risk, take full advantage of your existing technologies, and leverage NextGen platforms to reach more customers.

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We care about sustainability

Wipro supports our clients’ pledge to sustainability through the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. Following these principles, our solutions help to accelerate a positive global transition for people and the planet.

Capabilities from Wipro include:
  • Financial risk assessment
  • Responsible banking
  • Responsible investment
  • Regulatory tracking
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We take security seriously

With the help of Edgile, a trusted leader in cybersecurity transformation and risk services, we help you identify which Microsoft Cloud applications best meet your needs. Edgile also offers implementation and managed-services support to accelerate digital transformation securely.

Edgile helps customers align to an enterprise Zero Trust strategy across:
  • Microsoft Cloud security adoption
  • Identity/access governance
  • Compliance, governance, and risk
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The solutions

Wipro delivers value and boosts customer confidence by leveraging the powerful, trusted Microsoft Cloud. Our digital solutions are mapped to the customer journey to help you work smarter, grow your business, and build stronger customer relationships at a time when that matters more than ever.

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Core Banking Transformation

Realize the benefits of NextGen banking

Core banking operations—such as opening accounts and processing transactions—are the heartbeat of financial institutions. But the legacy systems that many banks rely on are often woefully unprepared for NextGen operations. Wipro Core Banking Transformation, a bundled solution built on the Microsoft Cloud, empowers banks to overcome legacy challenges and deliver new capabilities.

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Intelligent Volume Optimization and Risk management (IVOR) 

Strengthen your fight against financial crime

Banks have invested big in anti–money laundering technology that scans for potential criminal activity. But most of the flagged transactions are actually false alarms—and compliance rules require a human to review them to be sure. To expedite this time-consuming process, Wipro has developed Wipro Intelligent Volume Optimization and Risk management (IVOR), an AI-powered proprietary solution that makes these operations more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Streamline the lender/borrower experience

Wipro NetOxygen is a digital cloud-based loan origination system (LOS) that enables an automated, end-to-end lending experience. It integrates with point-of-sale (POS) software to offer a user-friendly platform for those on the lender side—processors, underwriters, and closers—and for borrowers too.

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Get the edge you need for better cloud operations

Banks are leveraging their cloud operations to drive innovation, flex data needs, and scale products quickly. But to realize a worthwhile ROI, they need to find a better way to structure this incredibly capable platform. Wipro FinOps is a comprehensive cloud operations and management solution that helps banks capitalize on their cloud investment.

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Edgile + Wipro: CyberSecurity by CyberSecurists

Modernize with holistic cybersecurity defense and risk management

The Banking and Financial Services sector is undergoing significant changes in response to technological innovations and evolving customer demands. The use of big data and AI is becoming increasingly vital for staying ahead in a highly competitive environment. However, safeguarding sensitive financial data and systems is of utmost importance, especially in the face of sophisticated cyber threats. Edgile, a Wipro company, offers end-to-end enterprise security services specifically designed to fortify the financial ecosystem, optimize security costs, and streamline operations. Our initial engagements can be completed in as few as eight weeks, establishing a robust foundation for secure modernization.

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Let’s innovate together

These solutions are just the beginning of how Wipro is innovating on the Microsoft Cloud to transform financial services. With the tools and knowledge to inspire what’s next, we can partner with you to customize new solutions and empower your organization to thrive.