Wipro Industry Innovation Experience for Retail

Unleash the Power of Data, AI and Microsoft Cloud

Deliver differentiated experiences while powering agile, hyper-efficient retail and supply chain operations.

Retail. Reimagined.

In today’s complicated retail landscape, the Wipro Industry Innovation Experience for Retail, built on the Microsoft Cloud, reimagines what commerce is today and what it can become.​ 

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Our 35,000-square-foot research and development center in Mountain View, California, features a rapid prototyping lab that swiftly brings cutting-edge concepts to reality. The center specializes in AI, machine learning, mixed reality, IoT, and the cloud. It also offers adaptive and collaborative workspaces.

The solutions

Wipro delivers value and boosts customer confidence by leveraging the powerful, trusted Microsoft Cloud. Our digital solutions are mapped to the customer journey to help you work smarter, grow your business, and build stronger customer relationships at a time when that matters more than ever.

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iShelf Insights

Reimagining visual merchandising and store operations with AI

Manual planogram compliance can be tedious and prone to error. With Wipro iShelf Insights, Gen AI-powered Virtual Buddies allow retail associates to generate creative visual merchandise concepts, access on-demand compliance reports, capture photos and detect items that are incorrectly placed or missing — all seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Cloud.

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Unified Customer Intelligence

A single source of truth for AI-powered insights

When customer data is siloed, it’s difficult to get accurate, complete insights. Wipro’s Unified Customer Intelligence provides unified customer views by combining data from various touchpoints, while using AI and machine learning to uncover patterns, predicting customer behaviors, and driving large-scale omni-channel personalization. Gen AI-powered Virtual Shopping Assistants allow consumers to explore social trends, receive personalized recommendations, get exclusive offers, access curated outfit ensembles, recipe suggestions, home designs, and much more.

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Real-time supply chain visibility

With a strained global supply chain, industry leaders are under pressure to protect the quality and integrity of their products—with their brand reputation and revenue on the line. Wipro Smart-Track, built on the Microsoft Cloud, enables high visibility during end-to-end transportation to help transform supply chain security and reduce cold chain waste.

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Endless Aisle

The “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” solution

When items are out of stock in stores, you risk losing business. Wipro Endless Aisle gives shoppers access to your complete inventory across stores, warehouses, and products in transit, as well as across your partners and suppliers.   It also allows consumers to choose the most convenient shipping option—whether that’s in-store pickup or home delivery.

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Edgile + Wipro: CyberSecurity by CyberSecurists

Modernize with holistic cybersecurity defense and risk management

The Retail and Consumer Goods industries are experiencing rapid transformation driven by evolving consumer behavior and technological advancements. As the volume of data continues to grow, harnessing the power of AI is crucial for staying competitive. However, ensuring data security and integrity is paramount, especially with the growing sophistication of cyber threats. Edgile, a Wipro company, offers comprehensive enterprise security services tailored to safeguard your ecosystem and streamline security costs and operations. With initial engagements completed in as few as eight weeks, we lay the foundation for a secure and modernized retail environment.

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Let’s innovate together

With the tools and knowledge to inspire what’s next, we’re ready to work with you to customize new solutions and empower your business to thrive.